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Emergency Sink Unblocking London

Sinks play a pivotal role in our homes; however, when blocked, they can disrupt your daily routine. A blocked sink, caused by an accumulation of grease, food particles, or hair, calls for our emergency sink unblocking London service.

No need to let a blocked sink ruin your day or embarrass you in front of guests. Our emergency sink unblocking London services are available 24/7 to tackle these annoying issues swiftly and efficiently.

Unmatched Professional Approach

At London Emergency Plumbing, we transcend traditional plumbing services. Our expert engineers, equipped with advanced tools, not only unblock your sink but ensure a lasting solution. We prioritize your safety; thus, avoiding any harmful chemicals and opting for products that offer safe sink unblock methods.

Blocked sinks know no time, and neither do we. Our professionals are always on standby, affirming our status as the go-to 24/7 sink unblocking services in London and Greater London.

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Blocked Sink? We’ve Got You Covered!

A blocked sink can quickly escalate from a minor inconvenience to a significant issue. If DIY methods have failed, or the situation is worsening, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our skilled technicians, boasting a blend of experience and advanced technology, address all issues related to blocked sinks with precision.

From blocked kitchen pipework to overflowing sinks, our team ensures your plumbing system regains optimal functionality. slow draining sinks often hint at looming drainage problems. Our professional sink unblock service nips these issues in the bud, preventing potential escalated issues.

Sink Unblocking Services in London

Whether it’s blocked communal pipework or issues with your washing machine or dishwasher connections, we tackle them all. London drainage services are crafted to address a plethora of drainage problems in both residential and commercial settings.

Unblock Sink in London and Greater London

Aware of the spontaneous nature of sink blockages, we have an emergency team at the ready, affirming our reliability in offering 24/7 sink unblocking services. Our swift response, marked by a 40-minute average contact time, highlights our commitment to restoring normalcy to your space swiftly.

Your search for a professional sink unblock service ends with us. Contact us at 020 8064 1046

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Our skilled technicians are trained to tackle any plumbing challenge


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Enjoy premium service at an amazing price point.



Our skilled technicians are trained to tackle any plumbing challenge.



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What our customers say

Maxim Green

Recommended to me by a family member, Ibrahim was great to deal with. Responded quickly and came to fix the problem even late in the evening to work on my time schedule.

Richard Scrannage

Found these guys on a Sunday night at 11.00 pm after a broken pipe had flooded my dance studio. They were quick to attend, honest, hard working and very efficient. Got the problem sorted within a couple of hours and I would recommend 100% these guys, Ibrahim and his associate. 10/10


Plumber arrived exactly when the LEP office said he would. Within an hour, the bath leak was fixed. No other issues. Very nice guy, just went over the procedure and started on works promptly. I was deeply moved.

Tim Drury

I have used these guys twice. The first call-out was for an urgent leak late in the evening - the engineer was there in half an hour and made a safe fix in the minimum time that could have been expected.

Pierre Thomas

I have used these guys on multiple occasions, and each time they have been very professional and have done an excellent job for a fair price. They have replaced 2 macerators, and have been clean and tidy throughout. I would highly recommend!