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Plumbers near me, you’re looking for an emergency plumber’s phone number. In that case, we’re glad to inform you that our London call center is always dedicated to answering your calls as soon as possible. That’s why we are open 24/7 and will always assist with emergency plumbing situations.


At London Emergency Plumbing, we know not all Plumbing issues can wait and will need to be dealt with immediately. With the help of our 24-hour emergency service call center and our qualified engineers. Also, we will dispatch an emergency plumber to you within 90 minutes of the first phone call. 

Moreover, Our Emergency Plumbing Engineers will get you as quickly as possible, and with a high level of experience, they will restore your home in no time.

Plumbing Services that Require an Emergency Plumber

These are few examples of the works our emergency carry out throughout the day, we promise quality work and quick response time. Call us now for if you’re looking for a plumber near you!

leaking tap

Will the Emergency Plumber still be able to Fix the Issue After Work Hours?

Also, with our long history of emergency works and continuous 24-hour plumbing service, we could choose the most common faults our customers face. With that in mind, the Emergency plumbers carry most of the materials and tools necessary in their vans. Too, Most materials needed for plumbing and central heating repairs are available and stocked in our vans to ensure we get your issue sorted immediately. If, for any unforeseen circumstances, the materials are not available, we will make sure to isolate or temporarily repair any works until we can source the materials required.

An uncontrollable plumbing issue can cause you to panic and be stressed. That’s why at London Emergency Plumbing, we have plumbers all around London and Greater London. Moreover, Our goal is to get a plumber to your doorstep na longer than 30-60 minutes from the first phone call so that they can take over and restore peace to your home.

At London Emergency Plumbing, we are known for our cheap competitive rates; however, we never want our customers paying for something unprovoked from their pockets. Our Emergency Plumbers specialize in writing reports to help customers claim back from their home insurance at no extra cost. This will allow the customer to get some or all of their money back and allow the customer to claim for any damage caused by the unprovoked issue. However, this all depends on who you’re insured while and what kind of insurance you have.

Emergency Plumber Cost?

Our prices are fixed, and there are no hidden fees. For any job, there’s a callout fee, meaning that the money we charge is to get a plumber to your house and look into the situation. Also, Our callout slightly increases after midnight, but no need to panic! The callout range is 69.00 – 89.00 GBP, depending on when we receive your call. When the engineer reaches your house, he’ll be able to give you an estimate of the hourly rate and time it takes to get the job done. Moreover, The hourly rate is different between a tap repair and a drainage issue. Our emergency plumber’s hourly rate varies between 120 – 250 GBP an hour based on your issue, but keep in mind that the engineer is highly qualified, and we ensure the job is perfectly done before leaving your house.

Plumber near you 24/7

Our Emergency local plumbers are spread all over London boroughs and cities, so we guarantee an arrival time within 1-hour maximum. Do not hesitate to call us at 2 am. For example, if you have a bad leak and can’t wait until the morning, our emergency engineers would be more than happy to fix that and save such a nightmare. The following is a flow chart explaining how we proceed with our customers.


Calling our office


Finding Nearest Plumber Near you


Agree to call out fees


Dispatching Plumber


Agree to Emergency Rates


Get the job Done

Our emergency plumbers are available 24 hours and with enough years of experience in plumbing services that our plumbers in London have handling different plumbing issues. It’s highly recommended to contact us if you’re looking for a plumber now. Plumbing problems are numerous, it could be a leaking tap or a faulty boiler or the central heating system could be nor working as expected. But don’t worry at all! London Emergency Plumbing got you covered for any plumbing scenario you might have.

Local Plumber in London Now?

Here at London Emergency Plumbing, we have local plumbers available 24 hours and 365 days. Since we use kitchens and bathrooms daily its highly exposed to plumbing problems, following are the most common issues you might have in your kitchen and bathroom.

Blocked Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the easiest place to get a blockage in, some our food contains grease and even if your following good habits to keep out the grease our from the sink but it’s possible to have one of your household who’s not following the same good habits. Despite that the amount of grease is not too much sometimes, but keep in mind it’s accumulating in your drain. You’ll notice that the water is getting into the drain slowly and to avoid a full block of the sink, don’t hesitate to call the plumber now. This kind of blocks is very common and our highly recommended plumbers are good enough to unblock your sink and clean the drain.

Leaks Under the Sink

In some cases, the under-sink leak is big enough to be seen but in other times it’s tricky and sneaky to find it out. You might notice some water accumulating under the sink daily, if you want us figuring out where it’s coming from or want to stop this leakage totally for your peace of mind, getting a plumber now by call us now is the best decision to take in such situation. The causes of under sink-leaks can come from the drain, the P-trap, the disposal, the dishwasher drain, or the faucet, or any other appliance connected to the pipe or drain network under the sink.

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