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Plumber Service in Mayfair

Always at your disposal, no matter where you are, we will not let your cleaning and maintenance issues bother you. Aside from providing quality home services in London, the London Emergency Plumbing can also clean your home or garden anywhere and in any city of England.

Signs that you need to call an emergency plumber

Our flushers always seem to irritate us, from annoying dripping faucets to wasteful leaky pipes. If you are concerned about your family’s health or the safety of your property, you should contact Fantastic Services right away to schedule an emergency plumber near you as a precaution.

And if you’re still wondering why you need emergency plumbing, here are some scenarios in which you absolutely need an emergency plumber:

Complete water loss: The plumber will diagnose and repair the problem faster than you can say ‘help me, all emergency plumbers near me’. Okay, maybe not that quick, but close enough.

Low water pressure: If you notice low water pressure in your home, know that it could get much worse if you don’t call an emergency plumbing service right away.

Burst or damaged pipework: A professional will help you avoid the horrors of damaged pipework by repairing and replacing punctured and broken pipes.

Dripping taps: A dripping tap is a flood risk waiting to happen. If your tap will not turn off or stop dripping, we can dispatch emergency plumbers in London immediately.

Sewer waste backing up: Nothing screams disaster louder than sewer waste backing up into your home. Gurgling toilets, clogged drains, and a strong odour are all signs that you need an emergency plumber near you.

Damage of boiler: We are eternally grateful to our boilers, but when they begin to make loud noises or turn themselves off, they may require the loving hands of a 24-hour plumber near you.

We also collaborate with Gas Safe registered plumbers who have managed gas boilers and heaters.

Quality of emergency services

  • Available 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • A large team of emergency plumbers is standing by to assist you.
  • Rapid response throughout London.
  • Upon request, our team will bring all necessary tools and supplies.

Professional Emergency Plumbing Service Near You

The most convenient way to book us

  1. Select the best time for you and book our plumber online.
  2. We will dispatch a qualified plumber to your location.
  3. The plumber will inspect and repair the damage.
  4. Enjoy long-lasting plumbing services that save you time and money.

24/7 Emergency service

call now for an emergency plumber within 40 minutes

Why should you call us if you have a plumbing emergency?

Availability in need

We are available when you need us and have the necessary tools and materials. Our company’s Professionals provide a quick and efficient 24-hour emergency plumbing service in London at all times. You will only be charged for the time it took the specialist to repair your plumbing problem.


We provide quality assurance.

Fantastic Services prioritises providing quality service that meets industry standards. We work with qualified plumbers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs, from pipe repairs to toilets and faucets. Trust us to send only the best emergency and non-emergency plumbers your way. All plumbing jobs include a one-year workmanship warranty.


The highest priority is safety.

Every plumber receives extensive training. Not only that, but each of them is covered by public liability insurance. Managing trained and registered plumbers entails ensuring that all safety guidelines are strictly adhered to and followed. We prioritize safety, both for you and the plumber.

We Do in Emergency Plumbing!

  • Leaking Ceilings
  • Leaking Toilet
  • Leaking basin
  • Leaking copper pipe
  • Leaking Lead pipe
  • Leaking Shower tray
  • Leaking shower Mixer
  • Leaking Stop Cock
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Blocked Manhole
  • Blocked shower tray
  • Blocked basin
  • Blocked Kitchen Sink
  • Flooding Kitchen sink
  • Overflowing Basin
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Overflowing shower tray

Emergency plumbing Maintenance & Repair

Whether you need 24-hour plumbing service in Mayfair to fix your leaking toilet or want to completely renovate your bathroom, or solve any other plumbing problem, So Emergency Plumber London can help. Our professional plumbers are highly professional and trained. If you have a plumbing problem, contact Emergency Plumber London Services to assist you as you deserve.

We Offer The Following Guarantees

Same-Day Service: A friendly plumber will fix your problem within hours, not days. Priority Plumbing guarantees this, or you will not pay for our service call.

Open Weekends and Evenings

Your plumbing problems don’t follow a schedule, so why wait for a solution? Our emergency plumbing specialists in Mayfair will solve your plumbing problem professionally, honestly and quickly.

Upfront and Fair Pricing

No need to “guess” what your price will be from Priority Plumbing. You’ll know the price before we start for your comfort and satisfaction.


We wear shoe covers to protect your floors, clean up the job site as clean or cleaner than we found, and will be extra careful and polite when working in your home.

Highly Skilled Technicians

Get your plumbing fixed by highly skilled technicians. We don’t “learn” on your system; we fix it.

Convenient Appointment Times

We understand that your time is precious. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to arrange a time. We’ll even call you and tell you we’ll be on time.

Highly Standard Work

Top Quality Installation by technicians who take pride in their work is the key to a lasting job.

Qualified and Trusted emergency plumbers in Mayfair call 02080641046 to get a guaranteed plumber within 45 minutes.


  • Q: I need to make some changes to my reservation. How do I go about doing that?
  • A: You can reschedule, cancel, or add details to your current booking through our website or app.
  • Q: Is there anything else I should know?
  • A: All taxes are included in the prices. If applicable, material supply and delivery costs are added to the service cost. If the plumber arrives and is unable to complete the work due to conditions you have failed to provide, a one-hour call-out fee and the cost of parking/congestion will be charged (if applicable).
  • Q: Is it possible to get a discount on my plumbing service?
  • A: By joining the Fantastic Club, you can save money on all of our services. You can also benefit from cool perks like priority bookings and seasonal deals if you become a member.