Expert Solutions for Every Boiler Challenge

Encountering boiler problems can be a nightmare, especially when the heating and hot water supply is affected. At London Emergency Plumbing, we turn these nightmares into a peace of mind with our expert boiler repair services that are as efficient as they are swift. Your comfort and safety are our utmost priorities.

Is your boiler making unusual noises or failing to provide sufficient heating? Have you noticed an unexplained increase in your energy bills? These are clear indications that your boiler requires a professional touch.


Why to Choose Our Boiler Repair Service?

Your boiler is an essential component of your home or commercial establishment, ensuring a warm and comfortable environment. Recognizing this, we have tailored our services to be available round the clock, ready to attend to your boiler emergencies at any time of the day or night.

Keeping Your Boiler at Peak Performance!

Regular boiler maintenance is the cornerstone of a functional and efficient heating system. London Emergency Plumbing offers comprehensive boiler maintenance services, tailored to enhance performance, efficiency, and safety. 

Our gas-safe registered engineers conduct meticulous inspections, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate. We replace worn-out components, optimize performance, and ensure that your boiler adheres to the safety standards.

We understand the intricacies of different boiler models and brands, equipping us with the expertise to offer maintenance services that are as thorough as they are precise.

Our commitment to excellence, swift response, and professional service are unmatched in London. So,
Contact us at 020 8064 1046 for the ultimate solution to your boiler challenges!

P. E. A. C. E.


Professional Expertise

Our skilled technicians are trained to tackle any plumbing challenge


Efficient Solutions

We value your time and offer swift solutions without compromising quality.


Affordable Pricing

Enjoy premium service at an amazing price point.



Our skilled technicians are trained to tackle any plumbing challenge.



Exceptional quality and continuously exceeding expectations.

What our customers say

Maxim Green

Recommended to me by a family member, Ibrahim was great to deal with. Responded quickly and came to fix the problem even late in the evening to work on my time schedule.

Richard Scrannage

Found these guys on a Sunday night at 11.00 pm after a broken pipe had flooded my dance studio. They were quick to attend, honest, hard working and very efficient. Got the problem sorted within a couple of hours and I would recommend 100% these guys, Ibrahim and his associate. 10/10


Plumber arrived exactly when the LEP office said he would. Within an hour, the bath leak was fixed. No other issues. Very nice guy, just went over the procedure and started on works promptly. I was deeply moved.

Tim Drury

I have used these guys twice. The first call-out was for an urgent leak late in the evening - the engineer was there in half an hour and made a safe fix in the minimum time that could have been expected.

Pierre Thomas

I have used these guys on multiple occasions, and each time they have been very professional and have done an excellent job for a fair price. They have replaced 2 macerators, and have been clean and tidy throughout. I would highly recommend!

24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

Serving you some warmth and peace of mind!

24/7 Emergency service

call now for an emergency plumber within 40 minutes

If this is your scenario, you need to hire a professional 24-hour emergency plumber who offers fast emergency boiler repair in London. That’s why we are here to completely fix your old boiler and solve your boiler emergency. Also, We are non-stop accessible boiler repairers who can fix your heating system solution efficiently.

Is your boiler showing no signs of life? Do you feel the low water pressure in your taps and faucets? Won’t the pilot light stay lit?

Moreover, Our great customer service team offers top-notch solutions by answering your questions 24 hours. We are a London-based plumbing company that responds to you quickly, 24/7, 365 days a year. At London Emergency Plumbing, we cater to the needs of both domestic and commercial properties to ensure that you are getting satisfactory boiler replacement services satisfaction.

When Do You Need a Boiler Repair?

Here is why you need a boiler repair:

What Sets Us Apart?

A trusted Boiler Repair Service at Your Disposal!

  • 24/7 availability of local boiler engineers.
  • Skilled heating engineers with the latest standards and regulations.
  • We offer non obligation and free estimates for plumbing and heating projects such as central heating installations, kitchen and bathroom installations, commercial boiler installations, and boiler repairs.
  • We have no hidden charges involved and are very clear about our prices. The quote is the only rate you have to pay.
  • We are offering boiler repair services at the commercial level as well.
  • We offer our services in the rush hours so your boiler repairs can be done efficiently on time. This is what makes us number 1 emergency boiler repairs in London.

Call us now to get the Emergency Boiler Repairs 24/7 any day!

Boiler Repair And Maintenance Emergency Plumbers And Experts!

With the malfunctioned boiler, there is a complete disaster to the heating and hot water supply, which ruins the coziness of a relaxing place. Boiler emergencies can arise at any time and disrupt the major functioning of the house as boilers are one of the most important parts of the heating system of the house. Moreover, these situations create serious situations and require a quick response. Also, If you need the emergency boiler repair in London, with emergency London services, you instantly get all the premium services regarding boiler inspections, repairs, and installation.

Possessing a first-class professional and proficient team of gas-safe registered engineers, they are available for you 24/7 and 365 days a year and are experts in their work. We are well aware of the frustrating and dangerous conditions caused by these boiler breakdowns that lead to emergencies. Also, This is why we offer and advise our customers to check and maintain the system regularly and continuously. Moreover, whenever you observe an issue in your system, it’s advisable to hire only gas-safe registered engineers.

Call us now to get the Emergency Boiler Repairs 24/7 any day!

Factors That make us Best In The Plumbing Industry

Boiler maintenance and repair issues are hard to handle, so at London Emergency Plumbing service, you get the best boiler repair in London. Moreover, you get a worry-free and hassle-free boiler repair service handled by professionally trained experts who know all the bits and techniques useful in boiler repair methods.

Too, our company provides maintenance and inspection service for your boiler heating issues. Also, regular maintenance and checkups can avoid major problems and maintain the house’s heating.