Unblocking a Toilet in London

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A blocked toilet could be a nightmare anyone fear to face. Unblocking a toilet could be an easy in some cases. But, sometimes you will run out of clues while trying to unblock your sink. No worries! London Emergency got your back!

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You can try unblocking your toilet by some techniques but, no lies, it is not as easy as unblocking a sink


Unblock a toilet on you own

unblock a toilet using hot water

  • Start by boiling the kettle that you use to prepare your tea. Yes! Hot water  would unblock a toilet.
  • Fill the bowl halfway with boiling water and let aside for three minutes.
  • Now you have to Flush.
  • This may be sufficient to soften and push through any barrier, especially if it is only a minor one. If it doesn’t work, try one of our other options.

How To Use A Plunger To Unblock A Toilet?

  • If you do have a plunger, make sure it’s a toilet plunger and that it’s large enough to cover the hole and produce a vacuum. 
  • Place the plunger over the toilet bowl’s entrance and pump it back and forth. If your plunger is too small or wasn’t built for a toilet and doesn’t fit the hole perfectly, you can still use it if you flush the toilet while pumping the plunger. 
  • This will provide the necessary force to push the blockage through.