While taking a shower, if the water level goes over the bottom of your feet, a clogged drain is probably to blame. Here are 5 effective techniques to unblock shower drain. Most frequently, hair builds up in the tub and soaks tubes resulting in blocked drains. This debris holds sudsy residues, which combine with human hair clusters to form inaccessible blocks which soak up fluid in shower areas and tubs. When unclogging a bathtub or shower sewer, begin with the most basic and most secure solution because commercial drain cleaning products can harm tubes when utilized too frequently. 

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Best instruments for unclogging a shower drain 

If you’re curious about what it takes to clear your bathroom sewer, you’ll need a few home items and tools. Fill a container with rubber gloves, wrenches, a headlamp, drain hooks or metal coat hooks, white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, and disposable trash bags for debris containment. In case they are required to unblock shower drain, have a bathroom plunger, a portable plumbing serpent, and professional drain cleaning products close at hand. 

Fixing a Blocked Shower Drain 

First, carefully examine what’s happening in your shower drain. Remove the drain filter lid with a screwdriver, then immerse it in white vinegar to get rid of soap accumulation. Use a headlamp to illuminate the pipe to check for blocked shower drainage. Use mittens, take a sewer claw, a substantial wire, or a straightened-out metal holder, and take the following actions if the obstruction is visible: 

At the ends of the hanger, create a loop with tweezers.

To catch the obstruction, lower the cable, claw, or hook into the sewer.

Remove the obstruction; repeat as necessary.

Pour warm water into the sink‘s drain.

Other methods for unblocking shower drainage involve utilizing a plunger, a plumber’s snake, or organic detergents if the liquid continually backs up. 

How to Unclog a Shower Drain with a Plunger 

A bathroom plunger, which is designed to push jams and obstructions of every sort lower into and out of sewers, is a great maintenance tool for a blocked shower drainage. 

Plunger should be positioned so that the cup seals the drain hole.

Apply paraffin to the plunger’s bottom ring to create a tighter seal.

Put sufficient water in the shower or bathtub to reach the outer edge of the plunger.

For some time, quickly raise and lower the plunger to generate pressure and force the obstruction through the pipe.

Flow warm water down the drain. 

A Shower Drain Snake’s Procedure 

Specialized unblock shower drain can assist with stubborn obstructions, while they are not necessary. A mobile turbine of kinds is a plumber’s snake. To catch far-off shower drainage obstructions, a wire is controlled by using a lever that extends deep within pipelines. Follow these guidelines for clearing a blocked shower drain: 

Till the cable will extend no longer, lower it down the pipe. 

You know you’ve reached the clog when the wire ceases.

To remove the blockage from the drain, turn the end of the snake’s head anticlockwise and then clockwise again while holding it.

Iterate as necessary.

Pour warm water down the drain.

How to Naturally Unclog a Shower Drain

Imagine the lava-belching eruptions you witnessed at science exhibitions, which were fed by a solution of sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar. Now visualize the eruptive explosion that hits a blocked sewer. Utilize the following chemical process to unclog your pipes naturally: 

To unclog the drain, throw heated water over it.

Put a cup of sodium bicarbonate into the drain, then 1 cup of vinegar.

15 minutes should pass before you rinse it with hot water.

How to Unclog Shower Drains Using Drain Filters

When every other method is unsuccessful to clear a blocked shower drain, use the strength of retail detergents for drains. Before putting the cleaning solution down the sewer, put on mittens and clear the area of any available dirt and fur. Consider flushing down the drain if the clog persists following a single use. It can require multiple steps spread out across a couple of nights to clear a persistent blockage from the shower drain. Always abide by the supplier’s instructions, and keep children and pets out of the cleaning compounds.

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