It should be a simple task to install a single or dual-lever mixer tap on a kitchen sink or worktop. Simply turn off the water supply and screw in the fittings; you may also need to drill into the worktop or sink with a whole saw. Follow our instructions to change the kitchen mixer tap.

Key steps

Tools and accessories required

Adjustable spanner 17 mm

Open-end spanner 19 mm 

Open-end spanner (as an alternative to the aforementioned)

Leaking Tap Repair In London

Kitchen faucets: quick and simple installation

If you’re starting from scratch, you have the freedom to choose any washbasin mixer you want. However, if you intend to replace your existing kitchen mixer tap because you want a new colour or a fresh change, you should stick with the same style to ensure the fittings match.

However, wall-mounted faucets with a separate lever or tap are available. Whether you’re installing a new sink or replacing an old one, installing a kitchen tap should be a simple task.

Installing a Kitchen Mixer Tap

When installing a new sink, you may need to use a drill with a hole saw bit to form the tap hole. If your pipes are welded, you may need to trim the hot and cold copper pipes and add a few compression fittings before screwing in your new flexi tails. A high-precision cut is required when installing a tap into a new worktop. In general, you’ll need to use a socket set or spanner, as well as a Teflon sellotape seal.

Need a hand!

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