Your bathroom may appear clean, but that foul odour coming from your washbasin says otherwise. Whatever precautions you take to keep items from falling down the drain, soap and residue build up and slow down the drain over time. Nobody wants a stinky drain, especially in confined spaces like bathrooms and powder rooms. A clogged drain can clog the entire pipe if left untreated, preventing water from draining properly. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take to avoid and clean a bathroom washbasin drain. Follow along for our guide to preventing and treating a stinky bathroom washbasin.

Cleaning a Bathroom Sink Drain

Regular preventative maintenance, which begins with cleaning the bathroom countertop and sink, is the best way to keep your bathroom sink drain clean.

Avoid using harsh drain cleaners or bleach, which can be damaging to your pipes as well as your health.

What you’ll require to wash your bathroom sink anyway!

Weekly, clear the drain of debris. Remove any pop-up stoppers or drain guards and any debris that has accumulated. Rinse the stopper and replace it.

Consider using a drain snake, to remove hair and other debris from the trap under the bathroom washbasin drain. Keeping that debris from slipping further down the pipe is an excellent way to avoid bathroom sink drain clogs.

Once a month, use a biodegradable, non-corrosive pipe cleaner to keep the bathroom sink drain clean. Hydrogen peroxide is a low-cost, non-corrosive alternative that can be poured directly down the bathroom washbasin drain.

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If you’re already a vinegar fan, feel free to use your favourite vinegar cleaning solution here. However, if you’re new to using vinegar as a household cleaner or simply want to try a new vinegar solution recipe, combine equal parts distilled white vinegar and water, followed by a dash of baking soda. You’ll need about a cup of solution in total. If you don’t like the vinegar smell, try adding a bit of lemon juice to give the solution and your drain a bright, zesty aroma.

Maintenance and Assistance

To keep a healthy and clean bathroom, the washbasin should be cleaned weekly, and the vinegar solution cleaning process should be done twice a month. You should also clean your sink and countertops every week to prevent grime and another buildup from accumulating and causing drain clogs.

If you believe you are unable to clean this frequently, our company London Emergency Plumbing would be delighted to assist you with your blocked washbasin problem. So you can call us or hire us via our website or app.

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