Combi boilers are the home heating utopia that the human race has sought since the discovery of fire.

A combi boiler is simply a ‘combination boiler’; it controls both your heating and hot water, delivering both instantly on demand, and does not require a hot water cylinder to be pre-heated. They are far more efficient than immersion heaters, so if you have one, you should consider upgrading.

How much does it cost to replace a regular or system boiler?

The cost of a new regular (or system boiler) boiler replacement can range from £1,500 to £3,000. Again, the final cost can be influenced by a variety of factors such as the boiler manufacturer (and the length of the warranty), required controls, additional pumps/valves, and the overall complexity of the job.

Regular/system boilers, unlike combi boilers, require a hot water cylinder to function. The costs of a new boiler do not include any costs for new or replacement cylinders. You can also pay for your boiler every month. In this regard, our company will assist you.

Cost to upgrade a standard boiler to a combi boiler? 

Cost of Boiler Conversion: Upgrading a traditional boiler to a combi boiler is a bucket list item for the vast majority of UK homeowners, ranking seven places above seeing the Pyramids and only one place below breaking free from lifelong, crippling debt. Conversions can be complex, and they come with the costs that come with such as £2,500 → £4,500. Please keep in mind that an accurate boiler installation cost is ultimately determined by several factors unique to your situation.

   ~To put an end, you’ll be looking at an additional £800 – £1200 in costs on top of the standard boiler swap cost.

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Cost to change from a back boiler to a combi

Back boiler modification cost

Our company charges a transparent fixed cost of £395.00 on top of the standard conversion cost. If you’re buying from other domestic companies, this can be steeper, so don’t settle for the first offer. The amount of work required to rebuild a back boiler is very similar to a standard rebuild as all existing equipment must be removed and new combi and required combi piping installed, and it costs around £3,000 → £5,000. Connections are quite costly.

Converting a Baxi Bermuda back boiler to a combi boiler

Converting from a back-boiler may appear expensive at first, but the benefits will last for years.

Replacing your old back boiler will result in:

Price of the Boiler

The boiler is probably the most important aspect of any installation. Quality boiler replacement costs will be in the high hundreds/early thousands and will vary depending on the quality, model, kW size, and brand. Although the boiler replacement cost is around £400 £1200.

Price of installing a Boiler

The cost of installing a boiler depends on the amount of work required. This will depend on your location and the company you use, how long it will take to install the boiler, and how many technicians you need.

On average, the cost of installing a new boiler ranges from £500 to £1,000 depending on the exact type of installation. For example, a combo swap that takes about a day is much quicker than a back boiler rebuild that takes about two days and requires multiple technicians.

Boiler installation costs are usually included in fixed-price quotes. So if you decide to buy a kettle, you don’t have to worry about adjusting various costs or calculating the final numbers. The general cost of exchanging or converting a boiler is:

Labour costs (exchange): 600 pounds → 800 pounds

Labour costs (converted): £1000 → £1500 

Long Lasting Security of the product

Insurance products, particularly 10-year warranties, are typically only available from trusted manufacturers’ partners.

They may occasionally rely on the installation of additional approved equipment, such as magnetic boiler filters, which will often incur additional costs to that installer, but a longer warranty is certainly a cost worth incurring.

New boiler costs are an economic landmine that you could spend your entire life researching. Use this to instantly display a fixed price on the screen. Your boiler cost of repair could range between £1,000 and £6,000, depending on the work required and the installation company you choose. No matter how much you pay, always make sure you get the following:


Q: Are labour costs part of the cost of installing a new boiler?

A: Our boiler installation costs include both the cost of the boiler and the labour of the gas engineer. Unlike the typical boiler installation company, our fixed price guarantee ensures that the price you are quoted will not change.

Q: How long must a new boiler be expected to last?

A: Modern condensing boilers are designed to last 10 years on average, but this is affected by how well they are maintained.

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