When to call an emergency plumbing service?

When to call an emergency plumbing service?

There is no denial of the fact that small plumbing issues if left unnoticed can cause a horrific emergency. That is why it is advised to keep a check on your plumbing systems and to call a professional plumbing service the moment any uncalled-for issue appears. But here is the thing. How can you make sure whether any issue qualifies as an emergency? To be very frank, there is no hard and fast rule to find out that. But the benefit of the doubt should always be kept on the safer side. This you can do by calling a plumbing service at the earliest hour of the problem and book an expert visit to inspect the system.

 Unlike the above discussion, if you are facing any of the following issues, you should have an emergency service number on your speed dial

Pipe Bursting

Pipes are to be taken care of very well. In winters, there is a larger possibility of pipe bursting due to frozen water inside them. Only a professional plumbing service can address this. Similarly, when a pipe bursts, water rushes into the premises which may cause great concerns. Here you should first shut off the main supply and then call us.

Line Leakages

Whether it be a Sewer line, gas line, or water heater line, leakages can be very troublesome. A sewer line leakage will lead to back-filling your bathtub/toilet with wastewater which can be both gross and smelly. Similarly, a leakage in your water heater can deprive you of the availability of hot water for days until you get it fixed. But the most alarming among them is the gas leak as it calls for an immediate evacuation of the house and calling emergency services to ensure the health and safety of people. 

Call on an Experienced Professional Plumber

A lot of people in these situations go surfing on the internet to find out was how they can handle these situations themselves and end up worsening them. Don’t compromise the health and safety of your family on the cost of late concern and response.  Let the professional do their job.

If you live in London or nearby, you can avail of the services of our highly skilled and expert plumbing professionals 24/7 any day of the year. We aim to offer premium plumbing services and quality customer services that too in market comparative rates.