How to unclog your bathroom sink?

How to unclog your bathroom sink?

There are a few things messier than a clogged bathroom sink when all you wish for is a refreshing, peaceful shower. What is the quickest and most practical way to unclog your sink? What are the most recurring reasons for this clogging and what should you do? This blog is all about it.

Reasons for Bathroom Sink Clogged

There are not more than a few reasons behind this mess. Either any one of them or a few of them combined can cause a clog in your drain. Most probably, it is your clumps of hair. They clump together easily and get stuck in the drain. Secondly, soap scum can gradually build up into large pieces of blockage. Baking soda or vinegar usually does the job. If it is neither hair nor soap, something might have stuck in the p-trap of your sink since it has a curve design. If it is none of the above reasons then you should check your pipes for corrosion, damage, and rust.

What are the Solutions?

Now that we know the possible problems in your bathroom sink, let us discuss the quickest solutions to it. There is no preference list when it comes to methods for unclogging drain since their application differs depending upon the type of blockage. However, from a general overview, it is evident that people are most likely to go for baking soda or white vinegar on the first go. Pouring half a cup down the drain and rinsing hot water will do it. If there is anything solid still stuck there, you could simply pull it out or tweeze it. Car plungers and plumber drain snakes are also used for this purpose. If none of the above works, you will have to disassemble the drain and replace the p-trap.


Unclogging your bathroom sink can be a hectic job if you do not understand the basics of this problem. If you have already gone through this article and implemented upon in your bathroom, your sink should be working great. If not, then call professional plumbing services like London Emergency Plumbing service now.